Since 1998, I've positively influenced a number of businesses and organizations, working from Los Angeles, San Miguel de Allende, and Austin. I'm fluent in myriad categories, industries, and practices.

My portfolio has included several proprietary start-ups (e.g., an e-commerce network, an RTD coffee beverage, and a self-sovereign issues and investing platform), a turnaround/acquisition, a recruiting firm, several for-profit and nonprofit projects, one of the U.S.'s most significant family grantmaking foundations, a global network of more than 450 philanthropists, the University of Texas at Austin's Department of Physics, a Mexico-based sustainable foods nonprofit, a Rwanda-based women's food start-up incubator, a lauded research consortium, a curated platform of private equity groups, and other groups and projects under NDA.

I've also been a source for news, trends, issues, and opinions for news organizations such as The New York Times, BBC, NPR CNN, U.S. News & World Report, The EconomistThe Chronicle of Philanthropy, NBC News, Politico, NPR’s Marketplace, The Los Angeles TimesForbesTIME, the Food Network, Sports Illustrated, CBC News, CBS Radio, Breitbart Radio, NBC's Today Show, The Vancouver SunNational GeographicThe Houston ChronicleThe Dallas Morning News, and The Washington Post

I'm a graduate of Baylor University, majoring in journalism and business administration, and studied at the post-graduate level at the University of Southern California. 

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