Gray Suit

I started up Gray Suit, a boutique, Austin-based consulting group, in 1998 in a restored garage in the Venice area of Los Angeles—inspired by The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, a novel about one man’s search for contentment and purpose.  

As principal, I connect the dots between business, communications, and actionable solutions—helping to build and grow brands. I have a strong, diverse background in business, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. I also invest in business models with strong value propositions and points of differentiation. 

I offer a menu of strategies, tactics, and practices for a roster of for-profit, nonprofit, and philanthropic clients and ventures. I also incorporate communications and design in my work and how it defines and drives one's business. 

I do my best to think like a board member and shareholder. Artist and engineer. Entrepreneur and corporate executive. Brand strategist and consumer. Spokesman and journalist. A buyer and seller. Creative yet practical, outspoken yet discreet, collaborative yet direct—with left-brain, right-brain ability to engage and bridge disparate audiences, and inspire action focused on a specific end goal or objective.

-Brett Holmes